Millionaire Ex-Homeless High School Dropout GUARANTEES Home Business Success When Failure is No Longer an Option for You Now

I will never forget the day the doctor walked in, cleared his throat and said…

“I’m sorry. You’ve got cancer. It’s terminal, aggressive and with treatment you are looking at 18-24 months tops. You might want to get your affairs in order.”

Can you imagine?

One minute you’re fighting traffic to get to the doctor’s office on time and the next minute you’re fighting for your life.

Just like that. Game Over. NEXT contestant, please!

Even worse…

I took the long, long, long way home because I felt dazed and confused and really, really sad.

How was I going to tell Lisa, my wife and girlfriend for the past 20 years?

How would I tell our two boys?

Because the horrible reality was if I were to actually die I would leave my family LITERALLY penniless.

Because the majority of our income was totally dependent upon my ability to trade my time, training and expertise for dollars.

My family supported me in the business, but I was the business – And if I wasn’t around to produce (for whatever reason!), the income would stop.

Not could… WOULD.

Just like turning off a faucet.

Are You Willing to Get Real for a Minute?

  • Is YOUR income limited to the number of hours you can work every day?
  • Is the majority of your income dependent upon trading time for dollars?
  • What would happen to your family if you were to suddenly suffer a crippling injury or failing health?
  • If you could not work… how long would it be before you lose it all?

Heaven forbid.

The chemo made me sick and though I felt weak and tired most of the time, I immediately got busy redesigning my business in order to start producing a residual income that WOULD NOT require my presence or expertise once established.

I was scared for myself, scared for my family, and worse case scenario…

I had less than two years to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

Are you running out of time?

Even if you never fall ill or suffer a tragic accident… what about retirement? Have you thought about that?

And I don’t mean working 30, 40, 50 years until you can’t.

I’m talking about retiring because you can.

Because you can AFFORD to.

Because you have enough money coming in INDEPENDENT of your time, expertise and attention so you can get about the business of living versus making a living.

  • When would you like to retire? Three years. Five years. Ten years from now?
  • How much money will you need to retire? $1,000… $2,000… $5,000… $10,000 PER MONTH or more?
  • What’s your PLAN to create this retirement income? One way to create passive income is to start investing. So let’s assume you find away to average a 6% annual return. How much money will you need to invest, exactly, in order to be able to afford to retire? Simply multiply the amount you need PER MONTH by 200. For example if you need $5,000 per month to retire comfortably: $5,000 x 200 = $1,000,000.
  • So what’s your PLAN to accumulate this money? Have you started putting your plan into action?

Are you running out of time?

I mean, seriously.

When you GET REAL and take a long, hard, honest look at things… is there any way in the world, a part from winning the lottery or inheriting a fortune, you can expect to escape the rat race and retire comfortably anytime soon?


Especially, especially if you just keep doing what you have been doing which has brought you EXACTLY to where you are now?

I lost most of my hair and a whopping 39 pounds within four months of being in treatment.

But the good news was, within nine months I was able to tweak my business to start producing a semi-passive income that did not require my time, presence or expertise to maintain. Better still…

It’s been over TWO DECADES, the cancer has been eradicated and we have gone on to create NUMEROUS six-figure, even multiple six-figure business working part-time from home online using a SIMPLE 3-STEP SYSTEM that has never failed. Ever!

6 Figures in 18 Months Working 90 Minutes a Day

Back then, because the majority of our income was totally dependent upon my ability to trade my time, training and expertise for dollars – I literally had to start from scratch and find a NEW way to:

  • Make a six-figure RESIDUAL INCOME (which I had never done!),
  • working less than 90 MINUTES PER DAY (because the treatments made me tired and nauseous most of the time),
  • operate on a VERY LITTLE BUDGET (if the cancer didn’t kill me, the medical costs might!), and

… in pull all that off in 18 months or less – guaranteed!

what would you do?



I joined a network marketing company.

It was the only thing I could think of to create a passive, RESIDUAL INCOME that could survive me.

The challenge was I sucked at network marketing!


I had joined 6 different deals over the years, did absolutely nothing with four of them, barely made any money in the other two and… frankly… had NO CLUE ‘what to do’ or ‘how to do it’ to pull off the seeming impossible.

No clue whatsoever.

Then I remembered something Tony Robbins said,

Long ago, I realized that success leaves clues, and that people who produce outstanding results do specific things to create those results.

I believed that if I precisely duplicated the actions of others, I could reproduce the same quality of results that they had.

… which made complete sense to me so I just ran with it.

I studied SIX VERY SUCCESSFUL people who had gone from ZERO to HERO very quickly in MLM and starting looking for points of commonality.


Even though each of these super successful people were in different companies, with different comp plans and they all promoted their businesses in a different way…

I was looking for tips, tricks, tools, software programs, scripts, ANYTHING they had in common when it came to building a profitable business fast.

Doesn’t that make sense?

Of course!

And that is exactly what we did.

I studied six people who had produced the results I wanted… in the time frame I wanted… and looked for points of commonality to stack the odds of success even more in my favor.

Then I just “followed the proven model” with everything I had in me.

That’s it!

That’s our proven 3 step model that has NEVER failed to produce a profitable result.

Today Lisa and I still work from home, but the majority of our income DOES NOT require my personal presence.

Most of it is automated, semi-automated and residual.

We attend church, drive new cars, give to charities, travel when and where we want and spend lots of time with family & friends here in the Reno, Nevada area. Our oldest son is a gold miner and our youngest serves in the Air Force.

How Do You Guarantee Success?

It does not matter what type of intention or goal you have in mind:

  • Weight Loss
  • Make More Money
  • Scale Your Business Faster
  • Master Affiliate Marketing
  • Dominate Google Search and Crush the Competition
  • Be a More Supportive Spouse, Father or Mother

The KEY is to creating unlimited success in any area of your life is to find  PROVEN MODELS OF SUCCESS and STUDY THOSE MODELS as if your life… and your results… absolutely, 100% depends on you getting it right.

Because it does.

Right results absolutely depend on right action, and PROVEN MODELS reveal exactly what the “right actions” are.

Make sense? Of course.

So now that you have few proven success models in hand…

NOW it is time to be incredibly honest with yourself…

“WILL YOU follow the proven model?

If not, why even bother?

Why kid yourself, waste time, waste money, and make excuses when you never follow through anyway?

On the other hand, maybe the model will reveal the IDEA simply will not work for you right now – based on the time, talent, budget and experience you have right now – and you might be better served picking a different model, method or money making opportunity.

For example…

Let’s say you THINK you want to learn how to make money blogging.

So you pick a half dozen top bloggers and study exactly what they do, how they do it and you discover five points of commonality:

  • The ALL blog at least once daily
  • The average post averages 1,500 words
  • Each post has one PERSONALLY BRANDED video and five graphics
  • They ALL feature a free offer that brands them, their business or product
  • All posts are syndicated through 3 or more social media accounts

Seems reasonable, right?

But let’s say YOU haven’t written since high-school, you don’t like to read and when you did write… well, you sucked at it.

Undaunted… you do your research and discover to pay a quality writer to write for your blog will cost a minimum of $50 per day and that does not including anything but the writing. The copy. The words. Someone still has to create a video, numerous graphics to match the copy, publish and syndicate the post.

Bottom line?

YOU can’t write and YOU can’t afford to pay a writer.

MEANING… you will NOT be able to follow the proven model.

So WHY in the world would you even start? Why would you even continue to consider that, for YOU, blogging makes any sense whatsoever?

That’s the power of MODELING SUCCESS.

Not only will modeling success stack the odds of success more greatly in your favor, it can also prevent you from getting started down a path you will be unable to complete.

So find a PROVEN MODEL… get in, get busy… and let me be the first to congratulate you on your NEW SUCCESS…


Bless and be blessed,

PS – Ready to take your business, income and lifestyle to the next level?


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Millionaire Ex-Homeless High School Dropout GUARANTEES Home Business Success When Failure is No Longer an Option for You Now