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You might want to take a look at “The Ultimate Webinar Script” because this beast has raked in over 50 million dollars in sales and it just plain works if you work it.

50 Million Dollar Perfect Webinar Script

Can you imagine?

50 million dollars in sales?


The Perfect Webinar Script Framework

There really isn’t too much of a difference in the ‘perfect webinar script’ made famous by Russell Brunson and this ‘ultimate webinar script‘ published by My Lead System Pro.

Both are examples of a using a proven ‘structure’ to write a winning  webinar presentation versus literally using a word-for-word script.

Which is an important distinction to make because most fill-in-the-blank scripts simply WILL NOT convert well because they are too generic.

So yeah – study the perfect webinar script and the ultimate webinar because you will absolutely discover exactly what it takes to write a profitable presentation – but don’t assume it will be cut-n-paste or fill-in-the-blanks easy.

It’s not.

It takes time and effort to write, test and tweak your webinar presentations to make them profitable because there are no secret short cuts… really… on the road to success. 

  1. The Webinar Title
  2. The Promise
  3. The Ethical Bribe/Gift
  4. Become The Leader & Authority
  5. The Real Value You Promised
  6. The Transition to Close with a Question
  7. The Offer, Value Stack, Pitch, & GET PAID!

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